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Pool Facility Inspection Search

Contra Costa Environmental Health conducts unannounced inspections (called "routine inspections") of public pools, spas, water parks, and spray parks. These include pools and spas at apartment complexes, condominium complexes, health clubs, swim schools, and municipal facilities. Environmental Health also conducts investigations related to complaints. If a facility is deemed unsafe or unsanitary, the health permit is suspended (called "closure") until such time as a reinspection by Environmental Health determines that the problem is corrected.
State Pool Code
Pool Code 2015.pdf
The following tool can be used to see the inspection reports for a particular facility and the list of sites with current or previously suspended health permits.
Enter the facility name and select Search to see a list of matching facilities in Contra Costa County. You may also add the street name, city, or zip code to further limit the search results. Data presented in search will include inspections made within five years of 06/07/2023.


Summarized Facility Closure Listing for Contra Costa County.

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